Grace like rain

Ya know those days that just need a reset button? Or an easy button? Or a go-away-and-never-come-back-button? Yeah, that’s today.

A project for work has consumed more time, brainpower, and sanity than any one project in one day should.  I’m stuck in a holding pattern on other projects because I’m waiting on other people.  I stink at math.  And checkbooks (no, the irony is not lost on my that I spent many years as a bookkeeper…and did it well).  It’s not even 5PM and I’d like to just go to bed and let the family rummage through the pantry and just feed themselves.  But there’s not a lot to choose from.  Because we’ve been on vacation.  And I didn’t do the best job with my grocery list Monday.  And I stink at math.

As I’m sitting in my big, comfy chair trying to will myself to finish working, an unexpected thunderstorm is coming through.  And this rain in beautiful.  And cleansing.  And refreshing.

And God softly spoke to my weary soul.

Like this generous summer rain, His grace rains down on this day.  And He reminds me that He knew what this day would hold.  And He know what I would need to survive it.  And there’s not only enough grace for today, but tomorrow, too.

I’m thankful for this rain today.  And even more thankful for the grace like rain falling down on me.


Y’all, I could not be more excited to have the opportunity to review this book! It’s the revised & expanded version and it’s in my hot little hands today!

Stay tuned as I journey through this book and share how God is interrupting my life. I’ll also have a book giveaway for you & a discount code just for my readers to purchase your own!


Coffee Talk – Do Everything

Mugs Of Coffee On A Table Close Up

Do you ever get wrapped up in the mundane? The day-to-day? Do you ever wonder if the things in the everyday really matter.  Seriously, does it matter if they pile of laundry never gets folded? Do I really need to put on a happy face when cleaning dog puke (we’re out of the baby puke stages, so the dog makes sure I don’t forget what that’s like)? When I’m doing the laundry, cleaning the house, running the mom taxi around, doing my work…does a smile on my face matter?


Why? Because it’s all part of the life HE has blessed me with.  I love this song.  It’s such a good reminder that everything we do (even the gross, the mundane, the seemingly insignificant) should be done to His glory.  Will I always smile when there’s a big spill to clean up? Realistically, probably not.  But this is song is such a good reminder!  Do everything you do to the glory of the One who made you.  He delights in the little things.  And when we do too, He shines brighter through us!

When that thing you thought was good really isn’t

This week has been a quiet week.  The kids are visiting grandparents, which means not only does activity slow down, but so does my brain.  These not-so-little-anymore people keep me on my toes.  But this week it’s quiet.  My mind has had the chance to drift…a rare thing these days.  And it’s been a good drifting.

The last couple of days, I’ve thought about things that used to think I want.  Things I used to have and don’t anymore.  Things I clung to because I just knew I was supposed to.  It’s easy sometimes to look back on things, position, relationships, status…whatever…that we thought we wanted.  We thought were good.  We even thought were right and best.  But they never happened.  At the time frustration, sadness, heartbreak, were overwhelming, but looking back, it’s a blessing that we didn’t get what we wanted.

Then there are those things, that despite God’s best efforts to redirect us, we make happen.  We’re so convinced that this “thing” is right, that we see things that stand in the way as hurdles instead of red flags and stop signs.  And while we strive with the “good” thing, God has a best that we missed.  The time we spend working it out for ourselves instead of trusting a good a faithful Father who has our best at heart, can’t be regained.  And inevitably, that thing we thought was so good and so right leads to discontent.

But what about those things that were God? They were His best.  In every way He could, He confirmed to your heart that this thing was good, right, best.  There was peace, joy, contentment.  And you felt that peace that comes from being in the center of His will.  But then something happens.  Maybe it was something you did.  Maybe it was something totally out of your control.  But this thing begins to slip away.  You cling on to whatever it is for dear life because you know that this was God’s will, God’s plan.  The more you feel it slipping the tighter your grip becomes.

Here’s the thing.  Whether it’s a relationship, a job, a service opportunity, a position, a place of status…whatever that “thing” is for you…sometimes that thing is just for a season.  Even that thing that has been so right in the middle of God’s will for so long.  That part of your journey is over.

And here’s the thing about that death grip that you’re holding onto that “thing” with.  When your hands are clinched that tightly to something else, they can’t be open to take hold of what God has next.  You have let go.  You have to let go or you’ll never be able to take hold of this new thing God has for you.

Are you in a place right now where deep down you know that it’s time to move on? To let go? It’s scary.  It’s uncomfortable.  But it’s God.  Let go and take hold of what He has for you.  His new thing will better the best you’re letting go of.

Coffee Talk – Never Once

Mugs Of Coffee On A Table Close Up

We’ve walked through, and are still walking through, some pretty tough times with people close to us recently.  Sometimes there are just no words to say.  Nothing you say can make it better.  Nothing you say can even remove the sting.  But God is always there.  He’s never changed.  Never Once has He walked away.  He’s there.  He’s never gone.   Never once has He been taken by surprise.  Never once has He left.

Never Once.